PCB Assembly

What is PCB Assembly?​

Printed circuit board assembly involves the precise connection of electronic components to the conductive pathways etched on the laminated copper sheets of PCBs. These pathways are embedded within a non-conductive substrate, forming a complete assembly.

BPUR offers a range of PCBA capabilities, including SMT Assembly, BGA Assembly, Through-Hole Assembly, Mixed Assembly, and Rigid Flex PCB Assembly Services. Our assembly processes adhere to various industry standards, such as IPC 610 Class 2 and Class 3.

• Comprehensive Turnkey Solution: Our start-to-finish service provides a seamless and comprehensive solution that caters to all your requirements.

• Reliable Parts Sourcing: With extensive experience and established relationships with authorized electronic components manufacturers and distributors, we ensure that you receive genuine and high-quality parts. All parts undergo thorough quality inspections before incorporation.

• Stringent Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality control is reflected in our comprehensive inspection procedures, including visual inspection, AOI, and X-ray inspection. We rigorously test every component for functionality and quality.

• Expert Engineering Team: Our highly qualified and dedicated engineering team is focused on the success of your project. They bring optimized designs to the table, increasing the likelihood of meeting project deadlines.

• Scalable PCB Assembly: We possess the expertise to handle both large-scale and small-scale PCB assembly orders with equal proficiency.

• Full Turnkey PCB Assembly: As an ISO 9001:2008-certified and RoHS-compliant provider, our turnkey PCB assembly services cover your entire project from inception to completion. This allows you to seamlessly transition into utilizing the final product without any delays.

PCBA Capacity

PCB Dimension (mm) Min.50*40*0.38 Max.600*400*4.2
PCB Weight   Max.1.8KG
PCB Special Dimension(mm)   Max.1200*400*4.2
PCB Material FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,FPC Aluminium-based board
PCB Surface Finish HASL,OSP,Immersion gold, Flash Gold Finger
Chip&IC Min.0201(0.5*0.25) Max.55mm
BGA Pitch Min.0.3mm  
QFP Pitch Min.0.3mm  

Est. Lead Time

Product TypeQtyOrdinary lead timeQuicker lead time
SMT5~2002 workdays8 hours
SMT201~20003-5 workdays2 workdays
SMT≥20006 workdays3 workdays
SMT+DIP5~2003 workdays2 workdays
SMT+DIP201~20005 workdays4 workdays
SMT+DIP≥20007 workdays5 workdays

PCB Assembly Options

Turnkey Assembly

Turnkey assembly refers to a comprehensive service provided by EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) providers that cover the entire process of electronic assembly, from procuring components to final assembly and testing. Essentially, customers provide the PCB design files and specifications, and the EMS company takes care of the rest.

At BPUR Technology, we offer a complete range of support and services, starting from circuit design all the way to product delivery. Being a manufacturer with our own manufacturing and assembly workshop, we can cater to most customer requirements, including prototyping, batch production, manufacturing, assembly, procurement, testing, and more.

The turnkey PCB assembly service is ideal for customers who want to outsource the entire assembly process and have a single point of contact for their electronic projects. This allows customers to save time on project management and allocate resources to the final sales process.

Partial Turnkey Assembly

Partial turnkey assembly offers a cost-effective solution for PCB circuit board assembly, where the customer handles certain aspects of the assembly process while the assembly company takes care of the remaining tasks. In certain scenarios, customers have the option to provide specific components such as ICs and main control chips, while the service provider handles the procurement of conventional components like inductors and capacitors.

This assembly option is well-suited for customers who possess specialized or unique components that they prefer to supply, or those who desire greater control over the assembly process. It is also a cost-effective choice for customers aiming to reduce component procurement expenses. However, it is essential to note that this option necessitates the assembly company to possess adequate procurement and management expertise, as well as involve increased coordination. Otherwise, it may potentially impact the overall quality of the project.

Consigned Assembly

Consigned assembly is a PCB assembly service where the customer provides the PCB board and all the necessary electronic components, and the service provider carries out the final assembly and testing. This option can be highly cost-effective for customers, as they can purchase components in larger quantities and take advantage of volume pricing.

However, consigning the assembly process to the customer entails higher risks, primarily related to procurement costs and dealing with multiple service providers. Firstly, it requires electronics manufacturers to possess specific storage management capabilities, a tolerance for component failures, and extensive channels for component procurement. Additionally, most electronics manufacturers do not have in-house PCB manufacturing capabilities, necessitating collaboration with separate PCB manufacturers and PCBA processing plants. This can lead to information gaps, making communication less streamlined compared to point-to-point communication.


The customer is responsible for procuring all materials, while BPUR handles the PCB manufacturing and assembly, as well as PCB testing according to customer needs after the production process is completed. Through past service projects, we have found that some of our customers rely on foreign trade service providers in Hong Kong for procurement, although it is an undisputed fact that their services are good. However, this means that our customers have to bear unnecessary costs because BPUR can provide all the services that these service providers offer.

Bare Board Assembly

This solution assumes that the customer already has an established and reliable PCB manufacturer. The PCB manufacturer is entrusted with manufacturing the bare boards and delivering them to BPUR. Subsequently, we proceed to procure and assemble electronic components in accordance with the customer’s specifications and documentation.

Fully Custom PCBA

This type of service is also known as mixed assembly and offers a fully customizable option for customers. They have the flexibility to combine various solutions mentioned earlier based on their specific requirements. This service approach ensures maximum flexibility to meet individual customer needs and achieve successful electronic assembly processes.

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We value factory inspections and maintain a high level of professionalism. Our production lines offer uniformity, skilled technicians, advanced equipment, and more. Contact us via email for inquiries and a quote on affordable PCB assembly services.

Our Clients

BPUR has established itself as a prominent player in the PCBA industry, delivering exceptional electronic assembly services for over 20 years. Renowned PCB engineers and designers have consistently chosen us as their trusted business partner in China. The positive feedback from our vast customer base, spanning multiple channels such as our official website, Alibaba, and customer referrals, attests to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Presently, we are proud to collaborate with some of the industry’s top customers.

Our workshop

Our manufacturing and assembly facility is located in Zhuhai. Our facility houses cutting-edge automation equipment that enables us to fulfill PCBA orders with precision and efficiency, even in large quantities. We offer both standard and advanced modes of operation, allowing us to strike the ideal balance between cost-effectiveness and performance.

At BPUR, our extensive service capabilities are backed by our top-notch assembly and manufacturing equipment. Our services cater to a wide range of industries, including industrial, medical, consumer electronics, military, aerospace, and more.

Printed Circuit Assembly Process

Step 1: Applying Solder Paste

Solder paste, a mixture of solder alloy particles and flux, is applied to the surface mount pads on the PCB using a stencil. This step ensures that solder will properly bond the components to the PCB during the reflow soldering process.

Step 2: Component Placement

Surface mount components, such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, and connectors, are accurately placed on the PCB. This can be done manually or with the help of automated component placement machines.

Step 3: Reflow Soldering

The PCB with the components in place is passed through a reflow oven. The oven heats the solder paste, causing it to melt and create strong electrical connections between the component leads and the solder pads on the PCB. Once cooled, the solder solidifies, forming permanent solder joints.

Step 4: Through-Hole Component Insertion

If the PCB includes through-hole components, such as connectors or larger components, these are inserted into pre-drilled holes on the PCB. The leads of the components are then soldered to the PCB using techniques like wave soldering or selective soldering.

Step 5: Inspection and Testing

The assembled PCB undergoes thorough visual inspection, automated optical inspection (AOI), or X-ray inspection to ensure component placement accuracy and solder joint quality. Functional testing may also be performed to verify the proper operation of the assembled circuit.

Step 6: Cleaning and Packaging

Following inspection, the PCB may undergo a thorough cleaning process to remove any residual flux or contaminants, ensuring long-term reliability. Subsequently, the PCB is prepared for shipment through final assembly, which may involve adding mechanical components, enclosures, labeling, and appropriate packaging for safe delivery.

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The Most Cooperative PCB Assembly Factory

BPUR Technology is a leading China-based PCB assembly service provider with a strong presence in Zhuhai, China since its establishment in 2017. As a trusted and reliable electronic manufacturing services company, we offer comprehensive assembly solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our specialization lies in delivering fast turnkey PCBA services, ensuring efficient and cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Extensive PCB Assembly Services

Our comprehensive PCBA services cover PCB fabrication, component sourcing, IC programming, firmware uploading, mechanical assembly redesigning, and upgradation. With a wide range of assembly options, including SMT, THT, mixed assembly, flexible, rigid, and rigid-flex, we can accommodate various project requirements.

We prioritize quality, guaranteeing that all parts undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. Our custom services are designed to cater to your unique needs, offering tailored PCBA boards with varying performance parameters.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on fast turnaround times, striving to deliver PCBAs to electronics manufacturers within a few weeks for standard projects, and even faster with prompt component procurement.

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